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DELTAS is the metaphor that defines the very original sound of this Luso-Brazilian instrumental music group based in Portugal.


Their soundscape merges the traditional sounds of northeastern Brazil, Europe and the United States, blending Brazilian Baião, Celtic music and Blues in a very fluid way.


Celtic with Baiao from the Brazilian Nordeste, Candomblé with Jazz or Blues and Maracatu dialogue in a fluid way to create a unique sound, a music that slips between the common boundaries of styles, just as if the waters of the Capibaribe, Tejo and Mississippi rivers were flowing together.

DELTAS (8) by Tatiana Moreira.jpg

New album !

"Deltas II"

Released in France on 03/01/2022 

To listen:
capa deltas.jpeg
Clip: "Loyo"

Artist based in Lisbon - PT​

Availability: contact us

Line up:

Dirceu Melo: Guitar, voice and Zaz

Hugo Osga: Hurdy Gurdy, didgeridoo and percussion

Miguel Berkemeier: Violin and acoustic guitar

Carlos Garrote: Bass

Rogerio Pitomba: drums and percussion


To your programming!

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