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Created in 2021 by Soraya Camillo, after 25 years of experience in discographic productions, in the promotion and in the international circulation of artists, with the ambition and desire to always contribute to discovering exceptional artists from different musical backgrounds and musical traditions from all over the world.


Whether they are established artists, or even emerging artists, their singularity motivates and determines our choices to compose the catalog that we offer.


With a particular expertise on Brazilian music, SOTAK MUSIK also offers to share its expertise and network via consultings for Brazilian artists or producers wishing to circulate and promote themselves in France or Europe.

The framework

It is in the essentials of ethics and clarity of the words that SOTAK MUSIK claims to facilitate the exercise of its activity, without ever forgetting the big H of the human being, the big P of parity, without ever forgetting forget the big E of "ENSEMBLE". We believe that uniting the talent of each (artists, production team and collaborators), increases the potential of the whole and allows the implementation of any project, for the benefit of all.

It is in these conditions and atmosphere that we offer our services and invite everyone to follow this long river of life and music that presents itself today with SOTAK MUSIK .


About Soraya Camillo ...

A real Swiss Army Knife, having worked in the various trades of Music.




In her debut as a student at the bar, moving to concert production  and the communication of the unforgettable Parisian Jazz club Hot Brass;


In the discographic production and musical editions of summer hits from the 90s at 14 Productions / BMG for 8 years


As press officer  from 2003 for No Format, Universal Jazz, Cumbancha, Biscoito Fino, Helico Music, on the releases of records or concerts by artists such as Chico Buarque, Chico César, Yamandu Costa, Criolo, Hermeto Pascoal, Renata Rosa, Silvério Pessoa , Côco Raizes de Arcoverde, Julia Saar, Mamani Keita & Nicolas Repac, as well as all the artists of Helico Music, and many others who will excuse me for not quoting them here ...


Or to find, produce and develop artists in 360 °, while creating Helico Music, Label and artistic agency of which she is co-founder with friends and associates since 2004;

Each experience was a great playing field and learning which composed and forged his skills and his way of working.


It is in the booking, promotion and coordination of various concert and tour productions that Soraya Camillo concentrates and pursues her activities for more than 25 years, now with SOTAK MUSIK .



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