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What a voice! And what a concentrate of energy, sharing and good humor!


At Marie-Claude Lambert-Philéas, music is a family affair; the Maloya rhythms of her late father - the famous Gramoun Lélé - flow through her heart, through her veins. ​


Surrounded by her husband and her children, she created her group of Traditional Maloya, where music is a way of life, simply inseparable from their being.


From now on, she will compose and sing her own words, in Malagasy and Reunionese Creole.


His maloya is a cry and a blues, but also and above all a celebration of the joy of being, of singing, playing and dancing, and of sharing, with genuine generosity. A powerful Maloya, marked by polyphonies and percussions, influenced by Indian and African music which has accompanied it over the years and on tours. with his father. In line of sight, the transmission and the duty of memory towards the youngest generations.

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New album in preparation!

On tour (confirmed!)
Summer 2022 + on request!

Noticed during a show case at IOMMA in 2019,  a tour is mounted then postponed to summer 2022.

Special project with Les soeurs Hié (djembé, balafon) to come.


To listen
+ info


Artist based in Reunion

Musical style: traditional maloya

Confirmed tour in Europe: summer 2022

Line up:

6 musicians (traditional percussion / voice)

1 tour manager

+ special project with Mélanie Hié (djembé)

They programmed her...
And you ?


IOMMA, Le Kervéguen, Sakifo,

The VIP Saint Nazaire, The Metronum (Toulouse),

Montreal Summer Festival (Canadá),

La Bellevilloise (Paris), Lo Bolegason (Castres)...

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  • YouTube - Cercle blanc
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