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Diogo Ramos

(Samba funk Tropicalist)

A singer-songwriter of Brazilian origin based in Montreal, Diogo Ramos has since developed his career in Canada where he has won numerous awards, including the Prize at the last edition of the MUZ Vision Diversity Festival.

​In 2023, he unveils his latest album, "Cabaça", a captivating fusion of electro-samba-funk designed to make you dance amid the vibes of the beach and modern urbanity.

Since the release of his album, Diogo Ramos has been part of the official selection of the following events:Mundial Montréal, APAP New-York, ROSEQ D'Automne, Folk Alliance Kansas City, MAPAS Canary Islands, CINARS, FOLK Music Ontario, Contact Ontarois, MUZ (Winner), GLOBAL TORONTO, RIDEAU 2024 and more ! (Playlist on PutuMayo World Beat and on national radio in Canada. 

A tropicalist musical wave arrives in the sound proposed by Diogo, ready to conquer an audience in France and Europe: 
showcase at Babel Med on March 29!





SHOWCASE Friday March 29

New album :  CABAÇA

Nominated! - World music album of the year! - ADISQ 2023

To listen


Artist of Brazilian origin

based in Montreal - CANADA

Line up

5 sur scène + 1 tour manager

Diogo Ramos : chant-guitare

Bianca Rocha : backing vocals

Gabriel Schwartz : sax, flûte, pandeiro

André Galamba : Basse

Sacha Daoud : Batterie, programmations

• BABEL MED / Marseille - France

• MUZ - Rendez-vous des musiques métissées / Montreal - Canada

• Culturas 360

• Montreal Jazz Festival - Canada

They programmed him...
And you?
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