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Felipe Cabrera


Born in Havana, Felipe Cabrera belongs to the rising generation of these Cuban musicians and composers "products of the Revolution" who have chosen jazz and its great freedom of creation as a form of expression.
After fourteen years with the "Gonzalo Rubalcaba Proyecto", Felipe Cabrera was able to show that he was not only a double bass player in demand by the greatest, but also an intense and original composer.

He defends on stage his new and 5th album "Medusa"(Dec 9, 2022, The Orchard) in trio with Leo Montana on piano and Lukmil Perez on drums, some of the most innovative musicians in contemporary Latin music.

At the head of this trio, Felipe Cabrera writes one of the future of Cuban music.



New album: Medusa
released on 9 dec 2022 @the_orchard_

The music of "Medusa" was born in Havana, during a 110-day confinement where Felipe Cabrera found himself alone in the country where he grew up.
Pillar of the great Cuban jazz school, the double bassist based in Paris has decided to
transforming his accidental return to his native land in times of a pandemic into art. While Cuba was closing in on itself entirely to absorb the global disruption, he composed five superb musical pieces, which he created for Banlieues Bleues with his faithful trio and a distinguished guest, also from Cuba, the choreographer and dancer Judith Sá
nchez Ruiz.
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Artist based in Paris

Line up:

Felipe Cabrera, double bass, composition

Leonardo Monatana, piano

Lukmil Perez, drums

Judith Sánchez Ruiz, choreography, dance

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