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Livia Mattos


Lívia Mattos was chosen as the representative artist of Brazil at Womex La Coruña 2023, where she had the opportunity to present her incredible show.
Music is a universal language that transcends borders and connects us through emotions. In this diverse world of artistic expression, talented Brazilian artist Lívia Mattos stands out as a true accordion virtuoso, captivating and moving audiences around the world with her music.
His latest creation, a show entitled "Apnée", is a musical work much more than a simple collection of songs; it is a deep and poetic journey that invites you to delve into the essence of human life.


Womex La Coruna Selection 2023

Music Professionals Prize 2021

Grão Prize 2022

Toca Toda Song Festival Prize 2020


The show


In Expression of the Absence of Air, Lívia Mattos explores the feeling of discomfort that often permeates our modern lives. In a world where pressure and suffocation seem to be the norm, the artist is constantly looking for new forms of expression and freedom. This quest for breathing is deeply reflected in his music, with creative devices that generate original compositions, innovative arrangements and instrumentations that touch the soul. The accordion, often underestimated, proves to be an instrument of power and authenticity in his hands.

Livia Mattos' concert has a poetic narration that defies categorization. She blends the tradition of the Brazilian accordion with the creativity of song and instrumental music, inviting us to reflect on our own quest for freedom and expression in a frenetic world.
With her innovation and talent, she surpasses musical barriers. And brings an emotional and poetic journey that invites us to breathe deeper and appreciate the beauty of art in its purest form.
Without a doubt, Lívia Mattos is an artist who will continue to inspire and charm audiences around the world.

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Album 2022


“Apneia” is a musical work full of symbolism and deep meaning. Lívia Mattos uses the accordion as her "breathing machine", creating sound that explores the extremes of existence. The album takes us on a musical journey through excess and lack of air, suspensions and sighs, all skillfully interwoven into each track, reflecting the richness of human emotions.
“Apnea” won awards at the 2020 Song Festival. Since then, the musical journey has unfolded with incredible collaborations from renowned artists, including Ná Ozzetti, Armandinho, Carlos Malta, Ceumar, Marcos Suzano, Lívia Nestrovski, Alessandra Leão, Mu Mbana from Guinea-Bissau, Irene Atienza from Spain and Yasmine El Baramawy from Egypt. The cultural and musical diversity of these collaborators enriches the album, transforming it into a celebration of world music.


Artist based in Brazil

Availability: Spring 2024 / Summer 2024

Territory: France (Sotak Musik) / World (Amplifica Music)

Line up:

3- 5 pax (stage)

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