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TIOMBÔ in Mauritian Creole, it means "Hold on", "Keep the course".


TIOMBÔ is the unprecedented encounter between maloya and séga tambour and the two griots of today, Olivier Araste (leader of Lindigo) from Reunion, and Lelou Menwar from Mauritius, virtuoso of the ravanne drum whose the bewitching sound fits in with that of the roller, the kayamb, the bobre, and the kabosy (small Malagasy guitar), in this Creole music that sings the story of uprooted beings.


A creation which also counts with the participation of Kersley Sham (percussionist of Mauritian origin) and Fixi (France) on the piano and especially on the accordion present in all the islands of the Indian Ocean, from Madagascar to Reunion, until in Mauritius, Rodrigues, Seychelles.

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Album in recording!
Expected release in 2023

To see/listen:

France Musiques,
Emission Ocora Couleurs du Monde,
par Françoise Degeorges

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TIOMBÔ is a creation born with the support of Villes des Musiques du Monde and directed by Françoise Degeorges. A project at the service of sharing between cultures and generations, a celebration of ancestors, a prayer of the soul, a jubilant trance.
On stage, two griots of today: Menwar (Mauritius, master of the ravanne drum) and Olivier Araste (Reunion, leader of the group Lindigo), Kersley Sham (percussionist of Mauritian origin) and Fixi (France) at the piano and especially to the accordion present in all the islands of the Indian Ocean, from Madagascar to Reunion, to Mauritius, Rodrigues, Seychelles.
The decor is set: that of the courtyard of a Creole kaz, chronicle of daily life, where we meet, where we exchange, where we live.
The maloya and the sega drum together, it is the muted music of the sugar cane fields that is heard in broad daylight. It is the soul of a people. The powerful and poetic texts, the rhythms and the songs of TIOMBÔ let rise "Babani", the Spirit... They resuscitate the voice of the elders of Africa and Madagascar, emanate from the Indian land, retrace the eventful history of the interbreeding of our islands and the world today.
Françoise DEGEORGES: Artistic direction
PRODUCTION: World Music Cities


Artists based in Reunion/Mauritius/France.​ Availability: summer 2023 + on request

Line up:

Lelou MENWAR: singing, ravane, sanza, zenzé, maravanne & toys

Olivier ARASTE: vocals, percussion, kabosy

FIXI: accordion, piano & backing vocals

Kersley SHAM: ravanne, roulèr, maravanne, sati, toys & choirs

They programmed it...

And you?


Le Point Fort d'Aubervilliers,
Le Kabardock,
Le Sax,
Théâtre de Nîmes, ...

Next dates

08/12/2022: Kabardock - Reunion

09/12/2022: Le Séchoir - St Leu - Reunion

10/12/2022: Le Kerveguen - St Pierre - Reunion

12/16/2022: Gramoun Lele room - St. Benedict - Reunion

06/11/2023: Festival of the Imaginary - FR - tbc

06/12/2023: Domaine de Saint Cloud - FR - tbc

09/03/2023: The Tatihou Crossings - FR - tbc

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