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Anna Setton


Anna Setton is an artist, singer-songwriter and instrumentalist from S.Paulo trained on the most interesting side of MPB: she moulded her voice singing in the clubs of São Paulo, travelled the world as guest singer of the enormous Toquinho, colaborated with Omara Portuondo, Sadao Watanabe, Mestrinho, among many other current musicians. A journey that gave her the right balance to make her debut album in her own name in 2018, with a homonymous record that highlighted her obvious talent. Pandemic inspired her to pick up the guitar and do weekly live online shows where she would give her voice to the great treasures of Brazilian popular song. This discipline led her to produce Onde Mora meu Coração, an album of accurate versions which includes, for example, the beautiful “Morena Bonita”, by Toninho Horta.



Signed via Soraya CAMILLO/Sotak Musik at the prestigious Portuguese agency Uguru, which manages her in Europe, Anna co-produced her new album which will be released in France and Europe in January '23, produced by a team of "star producers" from Recife: Barro and Guilherme Assis.

O Futuro é Mais Bonito

This new work by Anna was recorded in Recife, letting, as she explains, the songs choose her. Over a modern and subtle production, Anna sounds playful, charged with light, slick and transparent, with her voice positioning itself right in the centre of the song, as it should be. In this work Anna Setton counted on the services of several talents of the new generation from Recife, cases of the producers and composers Barro and Guilherme de Assis, João Camarero or even Ed Sataudinger and Juliano Holanda, Igor de Carvalho, Edu Sanginardi and Rodrigo Campello. With the help of these composers who understand how to innovate the classic moulds of MPB, Anna sings words of her own authorship, establishing herself more and more as an author. “It is a very modern record,” promises Anna. “The boys I worked with translate in a very current way the tradition I learned from, that of the great Brazilian song”. In fact, Anna Setton has already sung classics from other times. Now she offers her soul and voice to the future.

To listen:

Single saudade é pouco

"Saudade é pouco" is the first single that anticipates Anna Setton's new album, "O Futuro é Mais Bonito" (The Future is More Beautiful), scheduled for worldwide release by Galileo Music in January 2023. ​

“Saudade é pouco”, available on all platforms since November 3, 2022, is followed by a music video directed by Dauto Galli (Marina Sena, among other videos).

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Artist based in Lisbon, PT.

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Line up  solo:

Anna Setton: vocals - acoustic guitar

Line up  4tet:

Anna Setton: vocals - acoustic guitar

+ Piano, drums, percussions

They programmed her...

Blue Note Sao Paulo,

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