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Anna Tréa is a major piece in the revival of Brazilian music.  


Multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and arranger of the São Paulo scene, Anna plays her strong Bahian DNA on her music. Complete artist, dance is also part of his expression  scenic.


His husky voice mixes with his very rhythmic way of playing the strings of his guitar, and combined with his technical virtuosism, creates a style that we give to a bass or even, to a percussion instrument.


Anna Tréa's modernity is nourished by the timeless strength of a whole range of traditional music and by the powerful rhythmic expression of her guitar.  


Notice to amateurs.




She chose France for the recording of her next album and as a foretaste she gives us her concerts as a gift.

To listen:
anna_trea_couve disque_anna trea.jpg
live video-
La Merce Festival
Barcelona, in quartet   >>>

Anna Trea



Artist based in Barcelona, ES.

Availability: contact us

Line up:

Anna Tréa: vocals,  guitars, percussion, performance

They programmed her...
And you?

Festival La Mercè, ES

New Morning , FR

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  • Instagram - Cercle blanc
  • YouTube - Anna Trea
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