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Fernando Cavaco


Fernando Del Papa, Brazilian musician and composer, is also known as Fernando Cavaco, in reference to his favorite instrument, the “cavaquinho” (small Brazilian guitar). Coming from a family of musicians, he was immersed from an early age in the rich tradition of samba and choro (chamber music at the origin of samba).

Passionate about world cultures, he arrived in Paris at the age of 20 to complete his training in ethnomusicology.

For more than fifteen years since he settled in the capital, he has never ceased to bring to the forró or the samba roda a new and rhythmic sound and an innovative register far from the clichés of a flashy Brazil. He plays with the groups Roda do Cavaco (of which he is artistic director) and Orquesta do Fubá. The French and particularly Parisian public has learned and discovered it over the years and faithfully supports this Brazilian cultural agitator.

He is an artist who multiplies collaborations, either with the body mime company Hippocampe and the contemporary circus company Morosof or alongside artists such as Mayra Andrade, Fabiana Cozza, Márcio Faraco, Vincent Ségal, Babx, David Linx, André Minvielle…



Artist based in Brazil



4 to 6 on stage + 1 tour manager

A écouter

about Fernando and his various projects

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