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Julia Sarr

She is one of the most original vocal artist to emerge from West Africa in decade, mezzo-soprano Julia Sarr honed her reputation as an A-list backing vocalist in Paris for luminaries such as Miriam Makeba, Youssou Ndour, Salif Keita, Francis Cabrel, Alpha Blondy, Marcus Miller, Archie Shepp, etc.

Julia Sarr walks on solo since her album Daraludul Yow, an impertinent dream, and vision of the "piano in the savanna" in the village. She says that composing an album means revealing herself to the world, and it is always with as much singularity and elegance that Julia Sarr goes through life and pursues her quest for a Wolof song free from all the anchors of tradition. Njaboot is a new opus simmered with the talented pianist and producer Fred Soul. Her sensitive and personal melodies remain filled with the Woloff source and arise with delicacy on it, moment of grace where Africa meets jazz. With sounds of a sophisticated Fender Rhodes,  also the delicacy of Anthony Jambon and Guimba Kouyaté’s guitars, Guillaume Bongiraud's cello  and Robinson Khoury’s trombone, the fiery of the percussions of Stéphane Edouard and Mamané Thiam that embraces the roundness of Alune Wade’s bass.  Julia Sarr's voice offers this intense breath of the griot's soul with intimacy,  her songs remaining as veiled treasures : "Yéné, Nobel Bi, Jaya, Doynawar, Laamin..." a new tone with freedom and poetry.




New album “Njaboot”
Digital release on January 27, 2023
Physical release: in stores on February 3, 2023
At The Other Distribution
Exit concert: Café de la Danse - January 30, 2023

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Upcoming press:

Le monde, Liberation, Journal du Dimanche, Télérama exit, Jazz Magazine, Jazz News, Rolling Stones, Afrique Magazine


Fip - Jazz Club - Carte Blanche to Julia Sarr (itw) January 25
Nova - Neo Geo + The Potion (Jan)
RFI - Musiques du Monde January 11 + cultural guest (Jan.)
Africa Radio - Focus
France Musique - Morning Music (itw) January 25
France Inter - La Librairie Francophone + C'est une chanson (February)


CultureBox (February)
TV5 64 minutes (report at the end of January)




Line up:


Julia Sarr: lead vocals

Fred Soul: piano & Rhodes, percussion

Stéphane Edouard: percussion

Julien Hulard: sound & management

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