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Karla da Silva

Karla Da Silva is part of the new generation of singers from the working-class neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro and stands out for her powerful voice full of emotion and the history of the Brazilian people. Growing up in Madureira, one of the cradles of samba carioca, Karla da Silva shaped her voice in the bohemian nights of the famous district of Rio: Lapa.
With several awards and records to his credit, his voice has also seduced the public and brought him to the final of "The Voice Brazil".




Artist based in Lisbon, Portugal

Musicians based in Paris

New album early 2024
(listening soon!)

(sambas accents & Afro-Lusophone heritage)

Line up: Duo > Sextet
Samba concert or roda :  

Karla da Silva: lead vocals / small percussion

+ 7 string guitar

+ Bass and programming

+ cavaquinho

+ 2 percussionists

New album “SOTAK”

Listen soon - early 2024!

Sambas accents & Afro-Lusophone heritage

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