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When traditional music meets slam


One of the best kept musical secrets of the Brussels capital. With their atypical mix of acoustic melodies and slam, these three multi-instrumentalist musicians effortlessly seduce friends and enemies, since the recording of their first album, “Soaked”, to be released in France on December 10, 2021.

Inspired by musicians like Lhasa de Sela, Noname and Ibeyi and accompanied by guitar, accordion, ukulele and clarinet, Las Lloronas create a delightful polyphonic symbiosis of traditional Ibero-American music, klezmer sounds, and slam, that we can only describe as "Las Lloronas".  A journey between laughter and tears.

They immerse us in intimate texts, imbued with beautiful harmonies of voices and melancholic melodies.


During their performances, the Lloronas expose their souls in moments of great vulnerability, oscillating between lamentation, reverie and battle cry.

A feast for the hearing of the most discerning... A subliminal moment for those who just listen to it.

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Las Lloronas



New album "OUT OF THE BLUE"!

released October 6 2023



To listen
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Released October 6, 2023

“Raw musicality, poetic absurdity, human tenderness, these are the ingredients of our second album: OUT OF THE BLUE. This album is a rite of passage, a journey, into cinematographic landscapes, a deep dive, tinged with humor, sensitivity, and questions.


The human species appeared unexpectedly, “out of the blue”. It is a combination of completely random factors that is at the origin of life. We were fish, swinging our tails and fins in the great blue expanses. And look at us now, monkeys running behind digital hands, stroking touchscreens for connection, drawing straight lines as boundaries on an Earth that keeps its shape and its blur despite everything.


OUT OF THE BLUE is a passionate, subtle and simple journey. A seemingly random combination of sounds and words that create a vibrant feeling, just for a moment, of being fully alive. Life, with its lightness and its dramas, its pleasures and its pains, its sudden reversals, its sweetness, its absurdities, its learning. May the journey be sweet and powerful for you! »


Artists based in Belgium.

Availability: contact us

Line up:

Amber in't Veld: vocals, guitar (ES / NL)

Sura Solomon: vocals, accordion, ukulele (BE / USA)

Marieke Werner: clarinet, vocals (DE)

They programmed it... 
And you ?

Molière Theater (BE),

Esperanzah! Festival (BE),

The Missing Chain (FR),

Aux Fil des Voix Festival (FR)

Women's Voice Festival (BE)

The Farm! (BE)

Women in (e) motion Festival (DE)

Brossella Festival (BE)

Keep listening!

First album "SOAKED"

Released in France: 10/12/ 2021

Muziekpublique/The Other Distribution

With their first album "SOAKED", they deliver us without shame an album combining flesh, seeds, skin, lyrics and melodies coming straight from our strong interior, from our strange, fierce and soft corners. This album is the fruit of more than a year of creation, full of fears, sorrows, and joy. It is in their image, it takes a position, it occupies the space, and wants to be as powerful and daring as it is honest and vulnerable.  

In the press

“They sign a first album of radiant delicacy”. "Sura Solomon (accordion, ukulele, voice), Amber in't Veld (guitar, voice) and Marieke Werner (clarinet, voice), compose silky, evanescent and solar melodies, shrouded in happy melancholy." (Patrick Labesse)

“Their music is hybrid and defies all classifications except those of dream and enchantment”


“Sensitive and engaged universe”


“Intimate texts, imbued with beautiful harmonies and melancholic melodies. »


When traditional music meets slam...

Their work reflects their experiences and origins, fusing different musical traditions with slam, creating intimate, multilingual feminist poetry. The harmonies of these three angelic voices seem to come together almost effortlessly, but make no mistake. Their message is strong. They approach subjects such as feminism, privileges or social commitment with impatience but also with hope.

This trio composed of 3 multi-instrumentalist musicians is inspired by a fascinating element that connects many folk music from different cultures: the ability to express pure and deep emotions, and which results in raw, raw music, which comes from the guts. The music is both catharsis and celebration, and is shared and consumed as a human experience that goes back to the origin of the world.


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