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Luna Silva


Its roots with multiple ramifications offer as evidence a mixed music, sung in English, French and Spanish.


Luna Silva's voice and compositions carry her emotions, her quest for spirituality or her social demands. Grows up in a circus world and nourished by her travels, she places them in a vocal intonation or in a groove.

What fascinates her is telling stories, making people dance as much as making people cry, opening their hearts as much as inviting them to listen to themselves.

On stage, here is Luna Silva & the Wonders!

Two guys, two girls for a tonic sound, worked, hyper rhythmic, made of breaks and reminders on sometimes deliberately wobbly rhythms to better support the innate groove of the voice.


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Album"breathe out"

Released on January 28, 2022

Produced by The House of  Wonders

Distribution: Baco Distribution

After an intimate first album, with certain dark and cold tones evoking an atmosphere of blue, this second album is a contrasting work by offering a more lively and joyful vision. Warm, red, yellow, orange tones are offered to the public to immerse them in a sunny, cheerful, friendly atmosphere, all in "wonders".

This next album will evoke the flow of life in its entirety : inspiration and expiration linked. It will encompass us with this movement and this feeling of life. This subtle gesture between what comes out, like a relief, a relaxation, and what comes in via the breath, like a new and fair wind in us.


This album, partly inspired by the theme of water, will immerse us in a bath of sounds. Without distinction between what is containing or contained, to make body and harmony with the inside and the outside.


The Mediterranean world then revealed itself during the development of this album. Its cosmopolism, with rhythms that can remind us of the Gnawa, or Greek rebetiko songs, but also the polyphonic choirs of Corsica or Sardinia. The sea itself, which evokes horizontality; the water keeps coming back like a thread through tears, drops of sweat, a flood, a river that crosses us, a lake that soothes us.

This album was born from the absolute need to feel alive, to feel strong, to dance. The moments of intimacy will not be forgotten, but above all we will feel a warmth of live, of vibrating bodies, like a "great exhale".


Artists based in France.​

On tour 2022-2023

Line up:

Luna Silva, vocals, cavaquinho
Anissa Nehari, percussion
Maxime Barcelona, guitar
Yann-Lou Bertrand, double bass

They programmed them...
And you ?

Mama Festival, Paris

Festival Chorus des Hauts de Seine

Festival Au Fil des Voix, Paris

La Ferme du Buisson - Scène nationale

Festival de Martigny, CH

Festival Les Travers'Cé, FR

La petite Halle, Paris

Théâtre 14, Paris.

Sofar Sounds Paris

Le Pub, Auxerre.

La Quincaillerie, Blâmont.

Le Chant des Moutons, Montcorbon.

Tout Ouïe Festival

Théâtre Thénardier

Eglise de Lognes

Festival Créa Parc, Clamart (FR)

MJC 25 de La Vallée, Chaville (92)

Tournée UK : King’s Place, London/ Norwich Arts Centre,

Norwich/ St George’s, Bristol/ 

"Breathe Out" (2022)

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La Presse en parle ...


"Lively, varied songs from a European nomad. (...) this is a delicate record full of intricacy, navigating between her three languages to delightful effect." ★★★★ Lucy Hallam, Songlines, June 2022


"Ce premier album est une belle surprise pour cette nouvelle année... La musique et les chansons de Luna Silva and The Wonders nous réchauffent le coeur et l'âme." ★★★★ Gérard Viel, 5 Planètes, Février 2022.


"C’est un super album." Frédérique Bignet, Radio FIP. 


"Breathe Out est une expiration jubilatoire après les contraintes d’isolement sanitaire, un souffle vital d’énergie et de poésie. Un univers inédit taillé pour le partage." Benjamin Minimum (Aux Sons, Mondomix). 

"Une dynamique chanson française dérivée de la musique worldbeat. Les impressionnants arrangements acoustiques aux influences joyeusement bigarrées insuffent sensiblement d'originalité à ce morceau lumineux. Un véritable rayon de soleil au coeur de l'hiver! " Boulimique de Musique, Février 2022. 


Dans "Breathe Out "on entend des échos sonores des cinq continents, la complicité de musiques savantes et populaires et des prouesses acoustiques inspirées.  A travers instants festifs, célébrations et confidences, on découvre une tradition magique inventée par Luna Silva & The Wonders.

Breathe Out est une expiration jubilatoire après les contraintes d’isolement sanitaire, un souffle vital d’énergie et de poésie. Un univers inédit taillé pour le partage.

Au total 12 chansons, 12 histoires,

les 12 univers de Luna Silva.


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