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Matheus Donato

(Cavaquinho virtuoso / BRAZIL)

Matheus Donato, virtuoso and authentic magician of the 6-string cavaquinho,  is an example of these complete artists who have the wind in their sails: composer, side-man and multi-faceted leader, representative of a generation open to all cultures without prejudice, who tirelessly and humbly seeks to share his passion with the greater number.  He is part of the new wave of Brazilian musicians who feeds at the source of the immense heritage that is the culture of his country. And as Brazil has always been a crossroads of music from all over the world,  Matheus integrates them into his interpretation and makes them a source of creativity. An artist absolutely to discover.



To listen/to see:

Solo EP "Parte de Mim" released on 08/11/2023

New album to be released in France and EU later!

+ info


Artist based in Paris
Availability in Europe on request in


Line up:

Solo,  6 string cavaquinho

Trio, + flute + percussion
+ 1 tour manager

They programmed them...
And you?

Studio de L'Ermitage, Bataclan, Festival de Choro de Paris (FR)

Akustiske Landskap international guitarfestival (NO)...

Next dates

19 mars 2024 - Festival Guitares du Monde à Saint André  les Verges , agglomération de Troyes - FR 

Solo - Bataclan, Paris - July 16, 2023


Tribute to the genius of cavaquinho, Waldir Azevedo (arrangement Matheus Donato)

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