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In line with the great vocal groups that have marked these last years, such as Les Grandes Gueules in France or Vocapeople around the world, Ordinárius reinvents the great melodies of Brazilian heritage and gives them a new lease of life.

Always accompanied by a discreet percussion, they sometimes use a guitar or a cavaquinho

With a slightly retro touch and a nice dose of humor, each of the singers in turn puts their talent as an interpreter at the service of a vocal harmony of impeccable precision.

Arrangements, Production and Direction  Musical: Augusto Ordine



On tour in SEPT 2022
World Choral Expo 2022:
September 3-7, 2022, Lisbon, PT


To listen/to see:
japan tour
Ordinarius offers a varied repertoire, using the voice as its primary instrument and the brazilian percussion as its perfect combination. The group's original and exclusive arrangements are the work of Augusto Ordine, musical director and founder. The repertoire includes pieces by Ary Barroso, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes, Rosa Passos, Joyce and other essential brazilian composers. The arrangements are both acapella and also with guitar, ukulele and percussive instrumental accompaniment. Brazilian rhythms such as choro, baião, samba and ijexá are visited by the septet that is a modern representation of a timeless brazilian culture.

Ordinarius goal is to offer quality vocal music that draws on many styles and sources. Their performances offer the audience the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the best that vocal arrangement can offer, as well as a chance to sing along and join the fun!


Artists based in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Availability in Europe: SEPT 2022

+ on request


Line up:

Augusto Ordine

Maíra Martins

Mateus Xavier

Matias Correa

Fabiano Salek

Beatriz Coimbra

Antonia Medeiros

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Auvernier Jazz Festival (Switzerland);

Choralies Festival (FR),

Festival Durance Luberon (FR) ...

Música na Estrada (BR)

Brasil Vocal (BR)

Projeto Vozzes (BR)

The Ark (Ann Arbor,  Michigan, USA) 

Midland Center for the Arts (Midland, Michigan) 

The Cedar Cultural Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

Reif Performing Arts Center (Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA) 

A Center for the Arts (Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA)

Fairmont Opera House (Fairmont, Minnesota, USA) 

Temple Theater (Des Moines, Iowa, USA) 

Harris Center (Folsom, California, USA) 

Schultz Cultura Arts Hall (Palo Alto, California, USA) 

The Moss Theater (Santa Monica, California, USA)

Asunción a voces (Paraguay)

XII Festival Internacional de Música Alfredo de Saint Malo  ...

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