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Alone on stage, carried by her intimate songs that she spits from the guts, Sura offers a soft and raw set. His music is inspired by folk, various traditional music, jazz and blues, slam poetry, Jewish music and stories. Among her many inspirations, we can mention Bobby Mc Ferrin, Cocorosie, Devendra Banhart, Noname, Camille, Anita O'day… And as Alok, another artist who inspires her a lot, wrote, she strives to "make contagious hope" through his performances, music and art. The public is invited as witness and chorus of a suspended moment, between elected family reunion and witchcraft ritual.




Sura has just released his first full solo album titled: roars, composed of 21 titles recorded in 2 days in a live setting. The cover was painted by Sura as well.

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Artist based in Belgium.​

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solo on stage vocals, guitar, accordion

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